Impending collapse

2004-12-14 - 10:15 a.m.

Good heavens.

  • I have a new plaid skirt which I like quite a bit.

  • Nora wrote a paper last night about Pete Hamill's Snow in August in which she argued that the fantasy ending was not appropriate for such an otherwise realistic book. I think she has a point.

  • I'm knitting snakes again. I have 3/4 of one done. Unfortunately, I have three left to make before .. uh .. tomorrow.

  • We've got the laptop and its printer sort of permanently situated in the dining room -- so we can easily put it on the dining room table and work, but then we can put it away. It's good.

  • It's much too warm here and I hate it.

  • But the light is nice.

  • Maddy had a tiny breakdown at riding yesterday, but then she recovered and rode anyway. That's progress. After the lesson I told her she should be quite proud of herself. Then we agreed that the girl Isabell in her riding class is a complete and utter pill.

    Which she is.

Anyway -- feeling rather overwhelmed and just hoping we can all make it through this week without complete and total collapse.


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