new skiis -- worth it

2004-12-20 - 11:51 a.m.

So -

It's Monday, and I'm at work, but not for long. I have stuff to do! Also, I am starving.

It was a very busy weekend. Kevin's brother has been staying with us, and on Saturday we all went skiing, along with Kevin's cousin, and Nora's friend E. and her family. I had to drive in the E. car, which was surprisingly -- well -- I wanted to be in our car. I like K's cousin. And E.'s little sister is sort of a pest, and we had to listen to bad music.

I was surprised how much I felt that way.

Funny --

Anyway -- skiing was great. My new skis were fabulous -- they go fast, and they also turn! And the boots were comfortable, and the bindings clicked right on, and my poles were much much lighter than Maddy's rental poles. It was pretty amazing.

Kevin's skiis were also faster, and he didn't like it.

Heh heh heh.

And Nora's snowboard was great, too. She said, "Everything fits! It's so easy!"


Anyway -- I'd like to go again -- maybe we can go with K's cousin again before he retreats to upstate NY to paint and save money.

He's the only one of us who can take Maddy down the black runs. They came down one and met us at the bottom. Andy said he's told Maddy, "Don't worry, it'll be easy!" and then he fell. And Maddy scooted on just fine until she hit a bit of powdery snow, and fell, and lost both her poles and both her skiis. She told us all this with glee at the bottom. !!!


And yesterday we hung around (and did not go to the wiccan solstice sing) and Maddy went to see her friend Morgan dance in the Nutcracker.

Today, Nora's off in the city shopping with a gaggle of friends. Maddy's at home busy woith something. And I'm going to do a bt of work and then go buy a few things and then go home.


Okay --


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