Rain, and then some more rain

2005-01-10 - 10:00 a.m.


I'm still sick. But functioning. Sort of.

Saw two movies this weekend -- Kitchen Stories, which was really good in a very odd odd way. It's about a Swedish scientific observer sent to observe the kitchen use of an old Norwegian bachelor farmer. Very sad and very not-sad all at the same time. Sweet, though. And then the Party, with Peter Sellars.

Nora was gone mostly the whole weekend with this blasted Christmas tree thing. They're taking down people's Christmas trees and charging them $100, which they then donate to the tsunami victims. I guess the clients actually write the checks to the red cross or something, so they get the write-off. Anyway. It's a very very good thing, and I think it's a little bit fun because she's doing it with two friends, but it does mean that we never see her.

Anyway -- Maddy had two friends sleep over on Friday, and Nora would have had one but there was some mix-up -- Nora and said friend had intended to go see Lemony Snicket, but there was some mix-up and the friend's mother thought she hadn't been informed about the movie, so the friend was not allowed to sleep over.

I tried to figure it out. I would never have made Nora come straight home for what seemed like an honest mix-up. I always come away from encounters with this particular family feeling like they think I am living in a den of sin and lax permissiveness, but actually I think the problem is that they are insane. Nora ended up spending Saturday night over there (so, in essense, the punishment was Nora's, since she was not allowed to have the friend over, but the friend was allowed to then have Nora over the next night --) so I went over to drop off Nora's toothbrush. They invited me to stay for a glass of wine, which I did -- hoping to convince them that I am not the devil incarnate -- but they sort of convinced me that they were insane, before they whisked me out the door so they could get ready for some other people they were expecting.

I don't know -- it's not a crime to whisk people out the door, but they could have handled it more graciously.

Anyway -- end conclusion is that they truly are insane; there is no way of understanding what will or won't set them off, other than that it's sure to be a)irrational and b) of benefit to themselves, but not to others and c) it's clearly not worth bothering about. Except to expect it to happen.


I could go on, but I won't.

What else -- the weather this morning was actually beautiful. I went out about 7:00 to take some trash out. It's been storming, so there were lots of clouds, but it wasn't actually raining. So the air felt fresh, and the clouds were tinged with pink, and it was pretty brisk. Very nice.

I can't really explain how tiresome the rain is. People think that snow is worse, and honestly, I haven't lived with snow for a long long time. But it seems to me that snow is a lot less troublesome than this endless rain. The rain makes you feel colder and colder, whereas I think snow actually feels warmer. Plus with rain, there's endless mud and damp. It's kind of like mud season -- only it goes on, with breaks, for about five months. Plus, snow is really pretty, and after it snows, you can go outside and do stuff in the snow. After it rains, it can be pretty in a soggy sort of way, but everything is just so wet --



I think I need more tea.


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