So very busy

2005-01-24 - 9:51 a.m.

So --

It was a nice weekend. Nora spent Friday night with a couple of old friends, and Maddy had two friends over until about 8:00. Saturday the girls had eye appointments. Both need glasses (one for reading and one for driving), so we spent several hours trying on glasses. Maddy was quite upset, but we found two extremely expensive pairs that looked great on her. Later, she admitted that it would be nice to be able to see the television from the dining room, so she would wear them.

Anyway, so then we rushed home and I made brownies for a work potluck for Kevin, which was actually fun. The girls stayed home, and then when Kevin and I got home we all watched Garden State, which Nora claimed was the best movie ever.

I did like it, but I didn't think it was the best movie ever.

Sunday -- we had breakfast, and the weather was nice! So I pruned a rose, and Nora went to a movie with friends, and Kevin pottered around and I did laundry and Maddy had to play at a piano workshop, and it was not horrible -- A good day, in all.

Although -- I spoke to my mother, who was trapped in her house surrounded by 6 foot drifts of snow. I can't believe we are missing that.

When I was a freshman in college, another record storm hit southern New England. School was closed for a week, and it had never ever been closed before. The national guard had to airlift food to the refectory. The interstate was snowed over, and cars were left there -- just bumps under the snow. We skiied through the city streets, past busses and cars which had been abandoned. It was fantastic.

Anyway. So it's happened again, but I am not there.

I'm planning my retirement, though.

I'm getting excited about our remodeling plans, though. It looks like we may actually do it ....


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