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2005-01-26 - 10:29 a.m.


It's raining. That's kind of nice. I think it's supposed to keep raining through the weekend, though, which is going to mess with my plans to prune another rosebush and the plum tree. Hmph.

I'm nearly finished with one sock. I have another to go to make a pair. I think they're for me. Although Nora has been admiring them, and I should make a pair for Maddy for her birthday, which is coming up.

Also, I've been cooking. I think it's because it's winter -- but we've had dinner every night for a week and a half! !!! Also, there is stuff around for lunches and breakfasts!

Nora's got finals this week. Math went fine, she thinks, but I'm a little worried about today, which seems to be social studies, english and spanish. There was not a whole lot of studying going on until about 10:00 or so. I was called upon to ask questions in spanish. Did you have an interesting winter vacation? No I did not have an intersting winter vacation. What did you do? Mom! That's not on the test! Hmmph. What happened in Chile in [some date], 1973. The military coup and the CIA [some verb] Salvador Allende.

Her teacher has a real interest in the politics of latin america. It's not a bad thing -- it's actually a good thing. But I wish he'd make them work a little harder.

I think he's oppressed by the number of students in his classroom.

I quizzed her on her social studies vocabulary, too, which included discrimination, internalized oppression, culture and ... oh, other similar things. She claims they haven't learned anything. It seems to me they must have learned something, but maybe nothing very tangible.


Maddy's meanwhile writing a paragraph on Guatemala in Spanish. She's actually doing surprisingly well. And she got an A+ on her math test.

It is funny how they switch back and forth -- you are very worried about one until suddenly you aren't, and the other one becomes the topic of concern.

Also, I've ordered a box of organic vegetables and fruits for Friday. I'm looking forward to it -- it will be a big surprise. !!! Maybe it will be full of horrible objects -- a box full of kale might be hard to get through, for instance. But maybe it will be delightful. Who can tell!

Also, I've been reading a pretty delightful mystery by Elizabeth Peters. (No more serious literature for me!) And that's fun.

Anyway, tune in tomorrow for the return of angst.

Oh -- I went to my knitting class on Saturday morning. It turned out there actually was no knitting class, but that was okay -- there were three of the old hard core memebers there. Apparently there are a bunch of new memers who gab all the time and monopolize the leader's attention. But they were all gone. There's a woman in my knitting class whom I guess I would classify as helpful without meaning to be -- She's actually not very nice. She doesn't ever listen. She doesn't ever remember what you've told her. She's pretty self-absorbed. She has some goofy (but predictable) opinions. BUT, she does have some good information -- mostly about high school. Her kids are older than mine, and she's been fairly accurate about certain things to watch out for -- or even just certain things to expect. Odd, slightly annoying, but really quite useful.

That's the report.


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