Why I am completely exhausted

2005-01-31 - 10:29 a.m.


Would you like to her about my largely insane weekend?

I ended up staying home on Friday. Nora had no school, and had invited three friends to sleep over (I said yes -- that was my fault). I really could have left them home, come into work and then gone home early. That would have been just fine. But one girl's parents won't let her be at anyone else's house if their parents aren't home, so out of pity and kindness I stayed home until my eye appointment. Then I came home again since by that point it was almost time to pick Maddy up anyway. Tried to get rid of the extra girls, but ended up having one sleep over anyway. Which was fine -- we're used to that one.

Saturday -- turned out that Nora had agreed to go to a dance with a boy. Until we figured this out, we had been going on the assumption that she just wanted to go to the dance for no real reason -- but if she'd said yes, it seemed that she had to go. Nora cleaned her room. Maddy spent the day in her pajamas (a banner day!). I made a lamb stew. Nora and E. went to O's to pick up dress for N and to get made-up. I convinced E's father to let E. go to the dance. N and E came home to wash makeup off and engage in pre-dance dress-up behaviors. Much giggling in the bathroom. I drove them to the dance. I picked them up from the dance and drove E home.

Sunday. N. and I had planned to go skiing, but at 7:00 am decided maybe not. Spent the day hanging around the house. I made a blueberry cake. I weeded a bit and pruned. I took N to a move and picked her up. She practiced driving in an empty parking lot. She's not terrible at it, having practiced last summer on my stepfather's golf cart. We only have standard cars, so she has to learn how to shift as well, but by the end she was remembering to put the cluth in when hse put her foot on the break. Maddy spent another day in her pajamas, and practiced all her music. We watched Bye Bye Birdie, which was pretty funny, and the Ladykillers -- the old one, which was really funny. That was it.

I am completely exhausted.


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