2005-02-07 - 11:22 a.m.

Oh dear oh dear --

Survived the weekend, which included a slumber party for Maddy's birthday. I think it went well. I wonder if it might be the last -- or at least the last for this particular group. I think she's gotten closer to the kids that actually go to her new school, and perhaps not as close to the ones that don't.

I don't know -- I think I'm biased, because those are the kids who are a bit more --

Well, one of them has only three movies that she'll watch without complaining, and I really don't think I can even overhear pirates of the caribbean one more time.

And the other can also be a bit snippy.

Anyway -- I think it went well, and now it's over.

It was kind of exhausting, though.


And I took Nora driving again, which went pretty well.

And Maddy spent time after the party with her oldest friend, who she doesn't see very much during the school year.

And Nora was out both nights, but then came home and did her homework.

And Kevin skipped out on me and went to a different birthday party, leaving me at home, by myself, with 7 12-13 year olds. !!!

And gee, what else -- well, I did laundry.


I'm starving.



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