better days

2005-02-08 - 11:51 a.m.

Also, I am freezing.

Also, I have that Kinks' song, Better Days, stuck in my head.

It's because Kevin bought that new Kink's tribute album (ok-cd) that Fountains of Wayne somehow organized. There are arguments about whether the cd is any good or not. I told Kevin not to buy it, because those tribute albums always stink, except for the one good song. But now I actually think it's not terrible, and he thinks it is terrible, but we both like Better Days, which I think is sung by fountains of wayne.

The thing is -- those albums always just make you want to go listen to the real albums. It would have made more send to buy kinks's cds, so we wouldn't have to climb up on chairs (which is what we have to do to play records.)

Anyway --

Yesterday, I had another fountains of wayne song in my head -- the one about the girl in the harbor tunnel.

I do like them.

Okay -- I must go.

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