2005-02-14 - 9:38 a.m.

Hapy Valentines Day.

I'm feeling slightly odd of late. We went skiing this weekend, just Nora and I. It was fun -- we went to Alpine Meadows which is a sort of odd but nice place. We should go back with Kevin and Maddy -- I think they'd like it. I had a tiny moment of exhilaration as we were driving up, but in general, life is lately not all that exhilarating. (I know I'm spelling that wrong, but how is it really spelled? fixed.)

Anyway -- I'm not sure why, but it's annoying, this lack of exhilaration. Instead I seem to feel sort of worried. I really don't like to feel worried. Hmmm.


Also, my sister was in town from Denver, and she and my brother and their significant others came over for dinner last night. That was also odd, but nice. They are really my step-siblings. (I have a complicated family.) So they have a different sort of history, but actually, although I am pretty different from them, I realize that I like them a lot. They are very gossipy, although they mostly gossip about themselves.



Okay. Bye.

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