2005-02-17 - 11:12 a.m.


So -- Important update:

Yesterday was a completely impossible day -- I had this big work thing in the afternoon, but before that I had to be on the desk, and I was tired because I hadn't had enough sleep, and I had to look sort of nice-ish, and then after work, Maddy had to go to a Diversity Film night and Nora had to go to a meeting about going to Spain next year ...

And it was also Maddy's 13th birthday!

Anyway, we survived it all, and went to all the things we had to, and came home and had a delicious cake and Maddy opened her presents and it was good!

Nora bagged diving and came straight home. I went to the Spain thing by myself. Maddy went to the Diversity thing herself.

And now we have two teenagers. But she's still at that in between point. She likes bracelets and dances, but she also likes plastic animals.

What is she like now? Well -- she's growing up, that's pretty clear. And she's becoming competent -- she's riding well, and doing really well at school, and she doesn't mind tests. She's learning how to cook. She's a lot less worried about stuff than she used to be. She'd become even better friends than before with her old friends, but she's making new friends, too, and they are becoming good friends. I think it's a time of branching out and settling in.


Okay. Got to go.

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