2005-02-18 - 9:28 a.m.

Here I am -- having a strong inclination to bag it and go home and knit.

Oh well.

(I have 40 projects started, and a strong desire to finish at least a few of them.)

Kevin got some oysters last night from a client -- like a dozen and a half or so, more than we could possibly eat. So we invited some people from his office over on the spur of the moment to eat them. It was really fun! I am liking the architects he shares office space with. I don't see them much, and it would of course be fine if I didn't like them, but I actually think I do, which is really really nice.

Maddy's friend M. was over doing homework, too, and then her dad came to pick her up and it felt sort of awkward. I hate that, actually -- I mean, yes, he is walking into a party where he knows noone but us, so I guess it's bound to be slightly awkward. Pooh. I wish it weren't, though. We'd eaten all the oysters by that point, but I did offer him some olives.

In other news, Maddy thinks she saw a mouse in the cabinet this morning. Ants are bad enough, but I don't even know what to do with a mouse. Move, I think.

And, in an effort to rein Nora is, we're going out to dinner tonight and taking her with us. She suspects that it's because we don't want her hanging out with this group of kids who a) go to a different, and slightly suspect school and b) include a girl from her old school who, while seeming mature in a good way, seems to have a propensity to hang around with kids with exciting ideas of fun and c) are for the most part older than her. So Nora's suspicions are correct -- we don't want her hanging around with them -- but she doesn't seem inclined to push it too much. And tomorrow we're going to the Chinese New Years parade with my brother and his family, and dim sum before that. So --

Then there's just Sunday and Monday to get through.

You know, I am now seeing why people rejoice when their children go to college. It's hard spending your entire waking life, and some of your sleeping life as well, acting as a brake on somebody else's good time.


In other news, The Colour continues to be good. It's an interesting kind of historical novel, in that it's kind of about the interior life of these people living through a historical time. I mean, it's a remarkably interior novel for a historical novel.

It's quite good.

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