2005-02-25 - 10:51 a.m.


Drove up to dodge ridge yesterday with Maddy. This has been the winter of the one-day-ski-trip. It was fun -- we went up to meet a friend of hers who was skiing with her family. It was fun!

--The parents are better skiiers than I am, and somehow that was fun. I went down a black diamond! PLus, I think I am getting better. Good!

--Maddy is a better skiier than her friend, since her friend is just learning. But they had fun, too. They went off by themselves and I think that was fun. M. is getting to be very grown-up.

--The little sister is incredibly cute. I think she's in third grade -- she's the nicest kid. She's very unselfconscious, and seems to just go along with anything. Funny to look at her and remember when my kids were that age.

--The parents are fun to talk to. Nice when you're on a lift with them.

--I like dodge ridge. It's another rinky-dink little place, but with some nice long blue runs.

--It was nice to drive there and back with Maddy -- we listened to Harry Potter and had nice conversations, plus she learned how to read a map.

--Driving home in the dark on little roads, though, was a bit tough. But we did get back, eventually.

--Got home to find Nora completely recovered from her illness and cheerily working on the floorplan of her roman house. Kevin asleep. He went to the high school open house last night, which was actually great. He grumbles, but I think if I absent myself, then he's forced to do these parenty things, and I think that's actually good for everyone.

--It appears that Nora will spend all of this semester studying sex and drugs in social studies. Jesus! It's not like I'm in favor of abstinence education, but must they spent an entire semester talking about sex? Just how much do they actually need to know? Couldn't they study something like the sumerians or something?

There you have it.


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