2005-03-01 - 9:36 a.m.

Okay, things are better now.

We had dinner, which forced the teenaged one out of her room. Conversation ensued! She emptied the dishwasher willingly and carried some laundry around. Things seem better.

It's not that she's doing anything more nefarious than homework while buried in her bedroom. It's just that I actually sort of miss her. Well, and then I worry.

Ho hum.

Riding went well for Maddy. they did troup riding, which is when, like, the four of them are going along the wall and then they all turn at the same time to come across the arena. Or they are all going diagonally in patterns across the arena. It worked pretty well, and looked like a lot of fun.

Two of the girls won't be back for the next session. One of then doesn't want to anymore (which is sad, because she's the one Maddy likes best) and another is going to be playing softball. So things will be different next time, I suppose.

Okay okay okay. I'm going to go worry about summer, I think.


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