2005-03-08 - 10:41 a.m.

Just shoot me now --

10,000 things going on:

-weekend ski plans with another family (it will be fun,although Maddy does not want to go) but the other family angle always makes things more complicated
-life with teenager. I think the laptop must come out of her room, otherwise she's up until 12:30 finishing homework that really could have been done by 9 if she weren't corresponding with god-knows-who about god-knows-what on IM. Then she can't wake up, and as you drop her off, late for gym, she informs you that she has no gym -- she has the National Latin Exam!

-I've been reading Ian Rankin novels. I know it's to avoid thinking about anythign else, but they really are pretty good.

Okay. God to go.


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