bad things

2005-03-10 - 5:29 p.m.

So I am here at work, late, which is nice. It is quite peaceful, and Nora is dashing around with E's family getting skis for this weekend, and Maddy is about to be picked up by M.'s family to go over to M's house and make little cards for them to sell their earrings on.

I am back on my "I hate highschool" kick. I do. It is too big and too anonymous, and there is too much trouble for her to get into. And I feel too distant from the whole thing.

Perhaps this is like having a toddler all over again, only I have less patience this time around. Well, then she had to learn to tie her own shoes and if she didn't, well, okay. here the stakes seem much higher. If she doesn't learn how to be a responsible adult, well --

Well, that's a big problem!

It all makes me very nervous.

Plus, she is and always has been just so interested in things! I don't mean geometry -- I mean things I'd prefer she leave alone.

I think this will be the end of me.

I think I need to start a vigorous exercize campaign.

Got to go --


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