high school

2005-03-18 - 10:04 a.m.

Oh dear, I had a real entry planned and now I have forgotten it.

It was "curriculum night" at the high school last night.

The high school is kind of an interesting exercise. I wish I felt more connected -- I think many of the teachers are really good and really interesting. The science guy, for instance, wears those wacky kilts (really, you should go look at them.) The history department doesn't like the stupid "freshman seminar" class that everyone has to take. Nobody seems to like it. I certainly don't like it. The English dept. seems okay -- although nothing compared to my run-of-the-mill English dept. where we actually read literature.

I'm being mean, actually -- but they've all read Huck Finn in 8th grade. I don't think they need to read it again in 11th. What about Moby Dick, or some Henry James or -- all kinds of possibilities.

Anyway --

Now I've been on the phone again, and I really can't think of what I was going to say, so I'm going.


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