lunch + complaints

2005-03-22 - 12:37 p.m.


At this point, I am thinking only about lunch.


Although, since I am leaving early, I think I'll wait until I get home.

Although I might starve to death by then.


Teenage report: Nora seems a bit more settled. She's talking a bit more, and spending a few minutes out of her room now and then. I think maybe she's glad we know who C. is --


I made corned beef and cabbage last night. I know it's no longer St Patrick's day, and I know it's not authentic anyway, but I was feeling a serious lack.

Plus, it's pretty tasty and really easy.

In further news, it continues to rain! I thought the rain was all over. then I thought it might rain a little bit over the weekend. But now it appears that it's going to rain all week!

I don't really mind -- it was too early for it to be sunny, and it's really nice to go to sleep with the sound of rain.

It's just a little odd -- that's all.

And -- what else -- a new girl has started riding lessons with Maddy and Bridget. It was great when there were just two of them. Maddy was sad that Olivia had stopped coming, and happy that Isabelle had stopped, and happy that there were only two. Now there's this Stephanie. It is quite terrible to dislike her (and her mother!) so much for no reason other than that we wish they weren't there. But we do.

Plus the mother insisted on talking to me, and telling me all kinds of things and I couldn't really even understand her because she has a thick accent.

See -- I am truly evil and unwelcoming. But I honestly wish they had stuck her in another class, at least partly because now they are going over things they have done months ago to catch this Stephanie up.

I think that may be all, and I think I may need a small something to tide me over until lunchtime.

Okay, bye.

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