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2005-03-29 - 6:03 p.m.

I've got a few minutes here -- the older one is out babysitting, and the younger one is taking a bath.


The house is trashed, but I figure we deserve a small bit of a break. Tomorrow K's brother is coming, so we'll get up early and tidy up a bit. But really, there is no need for heroics, I think.

It's turned into kind of a nice day after all. The older one made cupcakes last night for a friend, and she did eventually crawl out of her tent around noon to make the frosting. The younger one and I went downtown to get electronic gadgets (wire and a battery) for her science fair project. Then we hit the public library, for books on electricty, which is pretty much a total mystery to me. And the vintage store, for some earrings, and the ice cream store, for some ice cream.

As we drove home, the older one was walking to her friend's (to deliver the cupcakes) and then to the bus, for a tapioca tea adventure. We came home, and she had actually, mostly, cleaned up! Plus, the cupcakes she left behind were quite beautiful. Unfortunately, however, she missed the bus. So she called me, and I went to get her, and her friend, and pick them up and take them to get mocha tapiocas, and then back to the friend could make her crew practice and the Older one could get to her babysitting job.

Anyway -- it was nice to be out, and walking around. Downtown even seemed nicer than I remembered it -- I can even imagine, slightly, the Youngest member going to high school there.

I am even remembering the downtown of the city I grew up in. I lived out in the leafy suburbs, but the heart of the old city, which was an old mill town, was actually kind of nice. A fabulous old public library; a gourmet kind of grocery store; a village green ttpe place. I remember, too, how I envied my friends Nina and Suzie who lived closer to the downtown. Nina in particular lived in a great old house with old rugs and mismatched china. her mother was a print maker. Now that I think about it, Nina must have lived out-of-district for out high school, and I wonder how she managed that. But I guess that might be the root of my living here -- on the bus-line to downtown.

The older one likes, actually, that she can walk to the bus and, for some reason, the copy store. It IS actually nice.

Oh, and the trees are leafing out, and we should all ride our bicycles, and sometimes life in general seems okay.

Here are some things. Did you read Ayelet Waldman's piece in the Sunday Styles section of the NYT? Hmmm. Basically, I guess, I think she's trading on her famous husband. I guess I could also write about how ugly my children are and how much sex K. and I have, but -- something kind of ugly about it. Interesting topic of discussion at Easter brunch, though. I think we all felt annoyed by it, although one woman stuck up for her and thought it might be the illness speaking. I guess we all thought she might live to regret it in about -- oh -- five years or so.

Father Ted. Have you seen it? It's a BBC tv show -- you can get it on Netflix. Very stupid, but then really really hilarious. You kind of have to keep watching, because your first impulse will be -- this is really not funny, and also quite stupid. Then you might think it's hysterically funny.

Travelling pants books. The older one reads them, although somewhat shamefacedly. But she reads them straight through on the day they appear. I read the first and the third. They're what you might expect -- but they made me remember when I felt like I was leaving everything behind, and how it was really really sad (and really really exciting.) I'm kind of on the other side, now -- about to be left behind (although I've got three years). It was good to remember what it felt like.

Okay -- sorry to be so quick, but god knows I don't have a lot of time here,


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