spring break

2005-03-29 - 11:10 a.m.


So I'm home. It's spring break. It's taking us all a little while to get used to it. Good practice for summer, I suppose.

Currently, the oldest is outside in a tent. She's been sleeping out there since Friday night, when her friend E. slept over. In fact, I think she's moved out there.

It's a little funny, isn't it?

The youngest is currently dressed, and we're about to go shopping for science fair supplies.

Mostly we seem to feel sort of out of sorts, though.

Yesterday the oldest member went to marine world. That was good.

And we have some shopping to fit in, and K's brother is coming to visit, and there is probably homework out there --

Anyway -- it will do us some good to get out, I think.

the rain is kind of nice.

Oh, and I'm planning to clean out the basement. Ha ha ha.

Okay --


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