Why I can't sleep

2005-04-15 - 10:11 a.m.

You know, life is just seeming very complicated lately, and I don't really like complications very much. Here are the complicating factors:

House -- we're renovating. It's going to be great, although probably a huge pain in the neck while it's going on. Are we making a huge mistake? Should we instead just sell it and move closer to town? I know Nora longs to be closer to everything. At the moment we're very close to Maddy's school, which is nice for her, but soon enough she'll be where Nora is, and it would make life a lot easier to be closer.

Summer -- I've got Nora signed up for Spanish, but it actually goes two weeks longer than is idea, and it's from 9-11. I know she'll have homework, but even so will this give her too much time to do nothing? It seems like a good idea to do Spanish -- since she won't be taking it at all next year. Right now she wants to go to Spain next summer, which sounds like a really good idea to me. But by next summer will she feel like she's forgotten all her Spanish and then not want to go? There are some sort of interesting history classes she could take instead which end earlier (better for vacation planning). Would one of those be better? Hmmm. Maybe I'll ask her.

4th of July -- I've got to get tickets for that weekend, since we're flying back to MA. Ugh. This involved talking to Kevin and my brother about it, and looking for flights, and figuring out how it impacts Spanish classes -- Ugh.

Vacation -- Got to get those tickets, too, since we're planning on going back to MA is August -- although is that now insane? But how could we not, given the circs. Should I find more things for Maddy to do and plan to stay here one more week?

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.


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