2005-04-18 - 11:04 a.m.

I'm really tired -- I stayed up until midnight last night -- finishing up some laundry; watching Nora do her latin homework; watching Desperate Housewives and then Grey's Anatomy (which we like! because we are girls, I think). Then I got up at something like 5:30, because Kevin was up and packing. He's off to Ann Arbor this week for a memorial service for his dad. It was organized by the university, so only Kevin and his brothers and his aunt and uncle are going -- obviously we couldn't pull the kids out of school, etc.

Anyway, so he's off.

It was a nice weekend. We talked to a landscaping guy about fixing up our backyard after the project -- I think it will be nice. And Saturday we pottered around. I rode my bike. The weather was glorious. And yesterday we went sailing! Sunday morning about noon Nora got this insane idea that we should go sailing, so we did! We rented a boat down at the marina, and she and E. and I went out. Between the two of us, we basically remembered everything, although docking was not so great. We tacked and jibed and the wind was actually not all that strong. We sailed across to Emeryville and back two or three times.

I am actually stunned that we managed to do all this.

It was fun!

Okay, now I've got to go.


Oh, and Maddy and I went to the library and got a huge amount of information on medieval feasts. That was fun, too -- a sort of research adventure.

Okay -- bye.

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