things fit together

2005-04-20 - 9:39 a.m.

I have this feeling that I'm getting things more in order, now, which is good.

I'm getting summer straightened out, and I'm actually wearing sandals today, which must mean that it's actually almost summer.

I'm also thinking it will be kind of nice to spend more time here this summer. I'm going off to my conference and back, and not linking it up with my trip back east, which actually makes life a lot easier. Plus it will be good to do things here -- we can go sailing, and maybe even get checked out for kayaking, which would mean we could do that, too. Which I would like. We can go camping, and maybe to the beach. I think it will be fun.

Also, it feels like we are surviving the first years of high school and middle school, and that's good, too. Nora seems a bit more open. It feels like we might survive.

Also, it feels like we are moving ahead on the house front -- I really think we are going to do this remodel, and that will be great. I even think it's okay that we're not moving into town instead -- which was an option, and one that Nora might have prefered. One that might have even made sense, really -- But we like our neighborhood, and it actually seems to be maintaining or even picking up value. I base this feeling on the number of people I see out walking in the afternoons and on weekends. It is a pretty nice neighborhood. It's close to several different kinds of public transit, and there are stores and decent restaurants you can walk to. There's a rejuvenated shopping center about three miles away -- an easy bike ride. It's pretty mixed income, but I think as everything else around us becomes more expensive, a lot of people who are sort of like us, but younger, are moving in. By "like us" I mean educated professional types, and in the bay area that is a really mixed group ethnically. When we moved in, 10 years ago, there were still a lot of older retired people -- often the original owners of the houses, which were built in the 20s. They were almost all white, except for Bert, across the street, who's Chinese-American and Yvonne and Wick, next door, who are black. Although if you go around the corner, almost immediately it becomes almost all black -- although not entirely. Anyway -- it's all mixing up. Two houses up the street sold about 5 years ago, and two families moved in -- one white and one black, and the two boys seemed to become instant best friends, which is very sweet in a Hallmark kind of way.

Anyway, all I am saying is that our neighborhood seems like it's going to continue to be pleasant to live in -- perhaps will even become more pleasant, because more people walking means more things around for them to walk to -- And I think it's even possible that we could rent our house out for a year and move to town just for one year if the girls are really wanting to. It would be a kind of an adventure! Or not --

Also, my fitness program continues apace.

Also, I must go.


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