Certain facts

2005-04-22 - 1:37 p.m.

Well, it is 1:37 on Friday afternoon and despite all my good intentions, it is feeling awfully quiet and empty around here. Hmmm.

It is Shakespeare's birthday, apparently, which is nice because Nora just finished reading The Merchant of Venice and Maddy Romeo and Juliet. I would like to celebrate by going to see The Merchant of Venice, but I had some trouble getting the accomplices to commit.

Kevin is back from Ann Arbor -- there was a memorial ceremony for his dad. I think it is not a pleasant thing to have your parents die. It seems to bring up all kinds of stuff. Understandably, I think.

I had clean sheets last night and my bed was unbelievably comfortable.

Jimmy the cat has some kind of respiratory infection, and I've been chasing him around the house trying to give him antibiotics since Tuesday. It isn't very fun. He seems to be getting better, though.

I went out for lunch with a colleague and we grumbled about high school. In a polite kind of way, since we were at the polite lady restaurant. It was delicious.

There's a woman downstairs with a Boston accent -- and in fact, she is from Boston. I can't believe she moved here -- I hope they're paying her a lot.

All right -- I think that's about it.


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