2005-05-02 - 10:49 a.m.

So --

I'm just heading out, actually. I want to get home and do a few things before I have to take Maddy to riding.

Busy busy week.

It was a nice weekend, too. Nora got her turntable hooked up and has been listening to records pretty much nonstop ever since. She likes them much better than CDs for some reason. We have a sort of odd record collection, too, since most of the very best ones have long since been lost. So -- we have a million Elvis Costello records, but not the very first one. She's mostly been listening to London Calling, and Who's Next and Never Mind the Bollocks its the Sex Pistols. Oh, and Alice Cooper.


Saturday we put together the sound system (heh heh). Kevin was working, but finally he could stand it no longer and came home to help. Then we ate some cake, and watched Pulp Fiction. Halfway through I had to leave to go to the school fundraising party (which was nice, but the food was not very excellent). Then I came home, and we debated going to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but did not, and Nora and I went to see Sin City which was -- mmmm -- I don't know what to make of it, actually. Odd. Silly. Hmmmm.

Sunday I was out all day at the native gardens show. Interestingly, it was often not the gardens that were the most interesting part. I went to a 50 year old garden in the B3rk3l3y Hills. It was nice enough -- not exactly spectacular, but nice. But the amazing thing was the vacant lot/field through the fence! A vacant lot, right in the middle of the B3rkeley hills! Incredible and astounding, and actually prettier than the garden. Another garden at the house of a R1chmond politician -- garden was okay (actually, full of butterflies -- amazing) but really it was the vacant lot next door that was really pretty. They live up in Po1nt R!chmond -- a really interesting place. Decrepit asphault, amazing views -- although many of them are of the railroad yards and the refinery. But somehow spectacular anyway -- and some views over the bay where there were a million zillion sailboat, many of them racing. And then lots of gardens in small yards much like ours, and those were actually the most helpful. So I got some ideas.

I'm kind of liking our neighborhood.

Okay -- I have some really important stuff to do.

Oh -- my book group read a book called Out, by Natsuo Kirino, which was really good -- in a troubling sort of way. Also, I'm still reading all of Ian Rankin, and liking him more and more and more. Now we're supposed to read Sixpence House. I'm not sure I'll like it -- I think he's not very good at describing daily life, and that's what he's writing about. So -- But I haven't read so much of it -- maybe it will soon get really really good. (Hmmm.)


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