2005-05-09 - 10:49 a.m.

A nice weekend. We talked to my mom, and to Kevin's mom, who had just returned from taking care of Kevin's brother's kids for a week or so. Kevin brought me coffee in bed, and then went out to get pastries. Maddy made me a pair of earring (red and blue beads) and an amazing card. Nora wished me a happy mother's day and consented to play duets with me. We went to see Hitchhiker's Guide, which was pretty good. Yet another movie with half the cast from Love Actually.

What else -- Friday afternoon Maddy and her friends and their mothers had a fundraising thing at school where we helped kids to make jewelry -- mostly for their moms. It was actually really fun. Then M and Z came over and watched movies with Maddy, which was fun. Nora was over at O's house -- and went to see Chorus Line.

Saturday was Maddy's recital, which she survived! Yay! And then it was over, and we stopped off to see the Rubens exhibit (yay us -- we made it before it left!) and then brought dinner over to some friends' house, which was also fun. Also, Saturday morning I had also gone to the farmer's market, where the Indian food is back! So I got samosas and pakora, which we ate for dinner on Sunday, before watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

All in all a satisfying weekend.

And it rained! I am really liking this rain business.

And I have a house full of potatoes and strawberries and green beans, so I think I'm going to have to go home and do something with them. Like maybe we'll have to have strawberry shortcake for dinner tonight.

Now that it's not mother's day, and I can cook again.

Okay -- That is all.


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