2005-05-10 - 10:31 a.m.

Actually -- I have to run. Suddenly I have to go volunteer at Nora's school. Hmmm. If she sees me, I will be toast. But probably she won't.

I don't know why, but suddenly there's a reign of cheeriness at my house.

I think it might be because it's almost summer.

Oh! Yesterday Maddy had a riding lesson. Did you see the weather yesterday? Huge thunderheads. Half of the sky bright blue, half of it black. It actually looked like North Dakota in the summer, when you really can see miles of sky across the prairies, and there are absolutely huge thunderstorms. Anyway, so the three girls are rising around on their horses. Everyone is a little skittish because of the thunder, and Stephanie is riding Lila, the ill-behaved pony. Stephanie has never ridden Lila before, so she doesn't really know how to handle her, so they keep ending up in the middle of the ring. Then it starts to hail. Ping ping ping on the metal roof. The horses really do not like this, and suddenly there are horses all over the place -- Lila is racing around, and Stephanie comes off and is crumpled on the ground. Maddy and Bridget fare a little better -- actually, they do fine although their horses, too, seem to be galloping around the ring, and then at one point twirling around like dervishes. (Apparently, that was intestional, and an attempt to get the horses to behave themselves.) Anyway -- everyone survives, and the lesson continues, although with no one on the horses. Even Stephanie looks rather brave again by the end. Rather exciting, though.

Now I must go --


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