2005-05-11 - 10:06 a.m.

So --

  • Science Fair. Ohh -- it is difficult. Graphs must be made; things typed up; enchanting visuals produced; deep understanding attained. Yikes.

  • I'm reading Fleshmarket Alley by Ian Rankin. He's really good, and keeps getting better. Start with the first one (Knots and Crosses)and keep reading. They really get better and better.

  • Nora has been busy. Monday, O. came home with her. Tuesday, she went home with E. (who is grounded -- so I'm not sure how that was allowed, but apparently it was.) Wednesday, she is going home with S. to make wheatless cupcakes for A. I'm sure this is possible, but it may require some grocery shopping -- And she has no school on Friday. Ayy.

  • We all have to go to the science fair tomorrow.

  • There is some kind of baby shower this weekend that we have to go to.


Oh, and people are coming this weekend to take out all the shrubs that have grown to be 80 feet high. Should be exciting.


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