2005-05-23 - 12:08 p.m.

So --

A nice weekend. It's nice having N. grounded, actually -- it means she's around and not constantly worrying about where she's going next. It means she has time to actually do her homework! Plus, we can watch the Sopranos and I read her the first three chapters of Jane Eyre and now she's hooked, so she was reading that.

My brother came over so I could show him how to thread a bobbin.

M. went shopping with her friend M. and got a pair of jeans (used) and a shirt. Success!

We really did watch hours and hours of the Sopranos.

We went out for dinner with Nora's friend E.'s family, which was really nice. We went to the Salvadoran restaurant down the street. It was quite delicious. I had pupusas and a tamale and fried yucca and platanos. Very good. It was nice to see them, too -- I've missed them since the Great Crackdown.

I cleaned the fridge. I started reading Gilead, which is really good, although really dense and pretty sad. Good, though.

E's mother B. said that everyone is really taking my threat of private school for N. very seriously -- they're all studying harder. A rededication. We actually had several conversations, and she does seem to get that she has to take charge herself if she wants to stay there. And she really has been working pretty hard this week.

It makes me realize that she really doesn't have time to wander all over town the way she likes to, and the way she had been. That's something to think about --

Also, I went to look at a private school this morning. It certainly has good points and bad points. It smaller. They would know who she is. The classes would be uniformly good -- or at least none would be so terrible as her current spanish class. It would feel like a community, which she would be part of. She would be inclined to participate more (because it's smaller.) The bad points: she would miss her friends. It would be expensive. It would be less thrilling. I think I'll take her over for tour. I think she could get in -- she's a smart kid. She could get good recommendations from last year, and they know teachers from last year as well as this year's latin teacher -- who I think would recommend her as a smart if distracted kid. So --


It was actually quite a pleasant weekend.


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