2005-05-25 - 11:08 a.m.

So --

Nora really doesn't want to leave LUPS (big surprise!) and she has been working quite hard, so -- I guess that's where we are for now. A friend of hers from Middle School B is at this particular private school. I liked him, actually. A very tall boy with definite opinions about things like bus schedules. He used to hang around downtown at the movie theatre, but doesn't so much anymore, N. said, because Private School B is so far away.

Anyway -- LUPS is fine with me, IF SHE'S WORKING.

Maddy has forgiven me for cutting down all the trees in the background because now it's really sunny, both inside and out.

What else, what else -- Nothing, I think.

It is nice out lately -- seems like things should be done.


Perhaps I'll walk down to the library to get the book I've got on reserve.

Bye --

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