2005-06-01 - 3:40 p.m.

I'm really tired --

I guess I never really wrote in here on Tuesday, and now today is practically over, and I won't be here again until Monday!

It was quite a nice weekend. I like my job -- I like it a lot -- and on Friday I was very involved and doing all kinds of busy things and thought -- Oh, I can finish this at home over the weekend! But of course, then I get home and that's also quite nice and I've got a million things going on there as well, so of course I spend not one minute thinking about work, and even think -- how nice it would be to never ever go to work again! But Tuesday I am back here and my desk is a heaving mass of 50 different things I need to do right away --

It is difficult to balance, is all I'm saying.

What else. We went to the beach on Sunday. It's only a bit more than half an hour to the beach from my house. Important realization. We watched many many Soprano episodes. They're getting a bit repetitive, to tell you the truth. Still good, though. Kevin says they hook you, because Tony does awful things, but is also likable. Anne says it's a moral thing -- how can you be good in an evil world. Both are true, I think. People are a mess, and stay far far away from the Mafia, is I guess what I say. Is Meadow really going to marry that guy? Get the hell away from N.J. is what I say. Otherwise he'll be sucked in and end up like Christopher.

N. studied lots of Latin. She is being very good. M. (and I) went to M's friend M's ballet, and then also to a new friend, O's house. I like O -- I'm glad they're finally deciding to be good friends. We had dinner with E's parents, and then E came over to help N study Latin. We listened to a lot of early Beatles.

Oh -- and yesterday I went and started looking for kitchen things. It is going to be so insanely fun to have a new kitchen -- it will have counters! and pull-out pantries! and perhaps a pastry board! And room -- room for lots of things like wine and platters and tape and paper and spices and garbage and tea and everything! Cookies sheets! Bowls! I am thinking it might be really good. !!!! One of the counters I looked at is the exact kind of stuff high school lab benches are made out of, only in a really pretty green. Also, it is "green," i.e made out of lots of recycled stuff. Or else granite is looking good, or these new kinds of fake granite like z8diac, which are pretty indestructible. Indestructible is what we're looking for.

Anyway -- it is a lot more exciting than I had even imagined.

Anyway, anyway. Now I think I need to go to the public library and get the book they've got on hold for me.

Have a lovely weekend --

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