nearly summer

2005-06-06 - 11:16 a.m.

Very Tired.

Busy time in Santa Barbara (for work). It's not really as nice as I'd heard -- unless it's maybe nicer other times of year? It was foggy, and we couldn't see the mountains much -- plus the downtown is irritatingly far from the school, and it really seems like you'd need a car to live there. But maybe it would be okay with a bike. Anyway, with just legs it was annoying. I just don't see the point of a college town where a car is required. Bah. Plus, the downtown was kind of stupid. Sort of Carmel-y, by which I mean -- perhaps designed for old ladies with disposable incomes.

It is my niece's birthday and she is 16.

Nora puttered and puttered and finally really got going on her paper at about 9:00 last night. I really do sympathize, but it's not really workable. But how to get her to see that and just start earlier? I don't know -- I'm exactly the same way, hence would like to spare her the misery. Anyway -- but her paper is looking good. Maddy was up late, too, writing a pretty gorgeous kids' book. Which she really has been working on for weeks -- it just required a lot of work.

Soon I have to go --

Rode my bike a little this weekend.

Nearly summer --

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