2005-06-14 - 4:39 p.m.


I forgot to tell you -- I cut my own hair last night!

I got it cut a couple of weeks ago, and I mostly liked it, but it wasn't short enough. !!! Plus, it was layered. So last night in desperation I kind of evened it up around the back. I'm a little worried that I look like Dorothy Hamill, but I really wanted it to be shorter. Maybe I should go back and ask them to fix up the rest of it.

It was a tremendous relief.

Also -- my flakey flakey book group. I read the book three weeks ago. Anne read the book three weekes ago. But the rest of them -- they haven't read the book, and it was a really easy book, and one I wanted to discuss.

So we're going out for a drink, and damn it, I'm going to make Anne discuss it with me, and then we'll pick another for our next meeting. Because of course it's summer now, and I actually feel like reading, and I don't want to wait another month --

Oh, bah.

I'm going home now.

It's because it was a good book. Tey have no trouble at all reading the crappy ones.


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