got to go --

2005-06-17 - 1:28 p.m.

Suddenly I'm quite busy.

Maddy's out with two of her friends wandering around telegraph ave. Actually, it sounds like fun.

Also I met with one possible new piano teacher (for M.) and talked with another and both sound good. The one we met with today fixed this rhythm thing that's been bugging me for months, now, and really easily.

Which makes me feel that changing teachers won't be a completely unmitigated disaster after all, although I really did like her other teacher.

[Her other teacher has decided to not teach anymore because she has some kind of foot injury --]

And Nora and co. were lobbying to go to some sort of untended party last night at the marina. Hmmm. After much haggling, E's mother agreed to take them, but for one half hour only. She dropped them off (with strict warnings) and then came back in 29 minutes to find them waiting where she'd left them -- apparently the cops had busted it hours earlier. There were at that point about 15 kids and it was boring. So she took them back to E's house, where I'm sure they actually had a good time. Nora and E are always looking to get into trouble, but their friend K., who moved to North Carolina, is 10,000 times worse. Now she's back for the month of July. So life will most likely be interesting. I think the trick will be to let them feel like they're getting into trouble without too much permanent damage resulting.

The excitement never stops.

Have you heard about this new Camille Paglia book, Break, Blow, Burn? It's actually supposed to be good -- Hmmm.


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