2005-06-20 - 10:56 a.m.

It's my birthday. Yay! We're going for a dinner picnic in a very scenic spot. Should I buy a cake? Will Nora make me a cake? I don't know -- have to worry about this later, I guess.

(I do love cake, though.)

Both those poor girls were shoved off to camp today. Maddy with her friend to a very serious art camp -- possibly too serious. Maybe it will be good, though. I'm hoping that it will. Drawing lessons, which I think will actually be useful for her. Nora IS taking spanish -- 2 hours every day from 9-11. I do appreciate how terrible it is. It's a college class. She'll definitely be the youngest. She's quite shy. 9:00 is quite early, and it IS summer after all. We'll see. There may be massive complaints tonight.

For father's day we bought Kevin some new flashlights and took him out to dinner. He wanted to go have Sushi but the sushi place was closed. He liked the flashlights.

Now I have to go. I called home yesterday. My stepfather does not sound good. Nora noticed. I'm a little afraid of how awful it will be when we go back for the fourth.


Oh -- we watched Babette's Feast and Nowhere in Africa and some weird documentary about a one-room-schoolhouse in rural France. Plus I swam. Yay me!

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