important update

2005-06-21 - 10:05 a.m.

So --

I had a very nice birthday. Since I've been a grown-up I've had a sort of complicated relationship with my birthday. I feel sort of obligated to have a good time, and obligated to make people do nice things for me, which is weird. But it was nice. I thought about breakfast, and then had what I always had, since I like it (tea and a biscotto). I met Nora after her class and we went to buy textbooks. I was trying not to weird her out (I really like buying textbooks, but I can see how she might feel sort of nervous, being so young and then being there with her mom). Then she wished me happy birthday and ran off to meet her friends (and do some furtive shopping). She is actually tolerating the Spanish class fairly well. It does not seem to be as horrible as anticipated. I bought a paper and ate lunch by myself, which was fine. Some friends came by in the afternoon and brought me really pretty flowers -- they're yellow and deep red, maybe a little bit like Mexican hats, and I wish I had some in my garden -- and some cookies. Then I picked up Maddy from camp, dropped off her friend M., went to get expensive takeout foods from poulet (very yummy) and a really nice cake from la farine. We picked up Nora and went home and packed up and drove to Nichol Knob -- a secret spot in Pt. Richmond from which you can see everything in the world, especially a lot of sailboats since it overlooks the Richmond harbor. It was very nice, although a little windy, and after we ate we took the trail out to the end for some more views. We drove home just as the sun was setting, and then at home had more cake and watched Igby goes down. What a sad movie!

Anyway -- it was fun.

Oh, and Nora got me an Abba cd. (I actually really like abba, although in my youth I really did not.)

Okay. So now it's really summer.

Hey -- my boss has this rug un his office that smells really really bad. Sort of like bad hair oil. Bleh.

Now I have to go.

Also -- I am reading Who killed Chaucer and it is very good.

Also, I had cake for breakfast. Yum.

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