2005-06-22 - 10:09 a.m.

oh my god -- summer!

It was Midsummer's eve last night. Kevin worked late, and Nora spent the night at a friend's, so Maddy and I celebrated by eating cake outside while the sun went down and reading a chapter from the book Summer by Tove Jansson. It's a wonderful book, if you don't know it. Jansson wrote all the Moomintroll books, but this one is about people -- it's about a small girl summering on an island off of Finland with her father and grandmother. I think it's roughly based on Jansson's niece. Anyway -- it's very lovely.

Anyway -- but the other aspect of summer is that I picked Maddy and her friend M. up and drove them to camp, then drove back to town and because I was early, came into work for a minute, which was my fatal mistake because then I was late picking Nora up from her friend's house, which made her late to class, and after I dropped her off and parked the car I got a sad phone call from her saying that they'd locked the doors and could she go home? I said -- just knock! -- but because they'd moved the classroom she wasn't quite sure which one was really her classroom. Poor kid. I told her to just guess and knock, and I haven't heard back from her, so I'm hoping she got in all right.


Machinations are going on at my mother's house about who will sleep where for the 4th. It looks like we are sleeping at my mom's house, with my uncle and my step-sister. My sister (and her family) are staying at my brother's house. My other sister and my oldest brother are staying in another house on the other point. That leaves at least one brother unaccounted for, but as he's just one person, he's pretty easy. There's another brother, but I'm not sure he's coming. Oh wait -- he's staying at the other house. My aunt and her two kids and their families have rented a house in the next town over. and my stepbrother's wife's sister and her family are probably staying with him. That's a lot of people -- holy god, I hope it all goes well.

Oh, there's liable to be at least three huge blowups and 5-7 long simmering resentments which will only come out three Christmases hence. That's just the way these things go. And apparently, the town isn't having fireworks this year -- some nefarious plot by the police dept. This is tragic, because it's really fun to go out on the boat and watch the fireworks and we haven't been there for the fourth since Nora was about three, and it is really really sad that it's not going to happen. My stepbrother is talking about getting rockets, which will sort of, but not completely, make up for it. His son will be there, which is great because he and Nora are great friends. Hopefully B. will not decide to go off with my horrid nephews. Probably not -- they're pretty horrid. All they can think about is baseball.

That's not very nice -- they're actually nice boys. Their father just has this obsessive interest in baseball -- and now that's all they think about -- and they're actually really good at it, which is a fine thing, just a little boring for the rest of us who don't care about it at all.

So -- there you have it.

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