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2005-06-23 - 10:14 a.m.

So -- here's the deal ...

We had to leave the house super early because I had to drive Maddy and her friend all the way to O*kland, and I had to take N. along because there wasn't time to come back and get her.

But she was actually (fairly) good natured about the whole thing. Then we came back to town and stopped at a new cafe and got breakfast, which was kind of fun.

I think summer is a good thing even when you are forced by your evil parents to take spanish classes with a bunch of people who are way way older than you.

Last night we watched the last bits of the season 5 (or 6?) of the Sopranos. It certainly got very very weird. I think it caused me to have strange dreams, and then wake up to be glad that I was not a member of an Italian crime family. I think I was also waking up because I was slightly anxious about getting everyone out of the house by 10 of 8.

The thing about the Sopranos is you can't help being almost glad when people get whacked because there is such angst up until they do, and really, most of them are pretty annoying. Well, I didn't like it when Pussy get whacked. But Ralphie -- boy, he could have gone several episodes earlier. There was a time when I wished Janice would go. I would not like Bobbie to go, though.

It's sort of a way to channel my feelings about people who drive in cars ahead of me, way too slow when I'm 5 minutes late to get somebody somewhere.


Anyway -- my poor mother is sounding a bit stressed about the upcoming festivities and trying to arrange it all. Rent car? Sure. Whalewatching? Chartering sailboat rides? Rockets vs. fireworks? Tubing? How will we fit it all in? On the other hand, perhaps it is a good idea to keep some people busy. I can be pretty busy sitting in an adirondack chair with a gin and tonic, but there are certain family members who are much better kept fully occupied at all times. If you know what I mean.

Yikes! I'd better go feed the meter.

Also -- I am wearing perhaps my most favorite pair of sandals ever. They're ugly, but they have great tread, can go in the water, and have a big toe thing to keep your toe from getting stubbed. You know what I mean.


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