some angst; snow

2005-06-29 - 11:38 a.m.


Back to worrying mode.

I am now totally understanding the "how nice it will be when she gets to college" state of mind. Assuming she does. She's a smart kid, but not particularly driven, I would say.

Are we pushing her too much? I don't actually think so. I mean the other one doesn't seem to have this particular lack of motivation. I'm sure we're probably a bit looser with the other one just because she's the second one, but even so --

Oh well -- I suppose if people even do survive their teenage years, there can be lots of job satisfaction is driving a truck or working at walmart. Okay, I'm being a bit extreme. But is it really necessary to not ever put your clothes away, leave papers from three months ago scattered all over your floor, leave dirty clothes scattered all over the floor?

When I was 15 I guess I spent the summer at my grandmother's lake cottage. I don't know what I did. Actually, I think I read a lot and lounged around trying to get a tan.

It's just that she's so much younger than I was when I began to do teenage things. I understand that lots of people are younger than her. I even know these people and many of them have gone on to lead productive lives. It's quite possible that reform school is not even in her future!


Got to go.

On the positive side, she has read two books this week -- Ghost World, and the new Nick Hornby.

How will we ever live through this?

Okay. I'm all right now.

In even further news, I'm finishing Snow. What a very very strange sort of book.


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