2005-06-30 - 10:06 a.m.

So -- N. pretty much went home and slept all day, I think. I got home, went for a swim, and then we ate dinner and watched Dr. Strangelove, which was pretty funny. Maddy came home (she was at a party) and we all went to bed. I decided not to get excited about things, and I think that was the right decision.

Cryptic, no?

I finished Snow, which I am thinking about. I've got The Master, by Toibin, and some funny thing called Sex Lives of the Cannibals, which I think I'll read next.

That's the excitement around here ...

Oh -- there was this silly thing on NPR this morning. Apparently somebody -- some federal agency -- looked into the whole Siegfried and Roy incident (a tiger mauled one of them.) It wasn't clear exactly why they looked into it, but I think basically because it was fairly high profile. Anyway -- the reason for the mauling, apparently, was that "you're dealing with a tiger! They're unpredictable!"


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