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2005-07-12 - 10:56 a.m.

Okay, so I'm still here, but getting ready to go to San Antonio for the one conference that I go to these days. As usual, it's completely hectic, trying to get everything squared away, and rides arranged for everybody to go everywhere, and stuff at work to be dealt with and stuff in San Antonio, and then, I have to pack.

It's kind of a nightmare, and actually that much worse because Kevin is so busy that essentially he comes home to eat and sleep. And on the day I need someone to drive Maddy out to riding lessons, he's got some enormous meeting scheduled. I'm not even telling him, even though he's currently furious at me because I did not tell my brother, on his 30 minutes of vacation, to mail Kevin's cell phone charger to him.

I'm just nice that way.

Anyway -- this week Maddy's at sailing with her best friend from preschool, plus a good friend from elementary school. They haven't seen much of each other this year, but it seems to be going as well as it always does, which makes me happy. S. is really Maddy's oldest friend. She's looking much more grown-up this year (especially around the hands, oddly enough), but they seem to be as tight as ever. She may be one of the few kids Maddy knows at LUPS if she goes there, so I'm glad they're still friends. Although it may not work at school -- hmmm.

Speaking of which, I came home to find Nora at home with a BOY watching television. He's a boy I know, but still. They hung out and watched Monk while I washed the kitchen walls. Then the three of us played Clue, and then Scrabble, then ate jelly beans. Then I., the girl from across the street, came over. We haven't seen her for ages. She actually goes to school with Nora, but they rarely see each other during the school year, although they have been very close since they were 4. Like Maddy and S., they aren't really school friends. But it was nice to see her, and she stayed for dinner.

Oh dear -- must go.


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