2005-07-15 - 4:41 p.m.


My room is kind of a dump, but I've settled in and am thoroughly enjoying a room all to my self. I've got CNN on (I never watch tv at home, except for videos), I've got the laptop on the bed, I'm thinking about whether or not I should change to go out to dinner. I went to a terribly boring but quite useful session all day today. I was going to come back and swim, but a late afternoon thunderstorm meant that they closed the pool. So much for my good intentions.

And all seesm to be well enough at home. A friend of mine here who had big troubles with her high school son was telling me horror stories, but although Nora was an hour late home last night, she came home right after school today. I only hope she actually wrote the essay she was supposed to write. Anyway, I told her yesterday, when I called her on the bus 45 minutes after she was supposed to be home,that she had to come right home today, and it sounds like she did.

Kevin's taking them down to spend the weekend at the beach, which is a good thing as they will be unable to get into trouble, and actually, will probably have a pretty good time.

Anyway -- I think we probably do need to talk to Nora again at some point before school starts. I just have no context for this whole business. I do think that there are a few friends who are big trouble, but how to extract her from their clutches I'm not so sure about. My modus operendi at this moment is to keep her busy, to persist in knowing what she's doing at all times, and to enforce consequences when she doesn't do what she's said she will do. I think she's always relieved that I'm interested, which I think is a good thing.

But I persist in worrying about school next year. It's going to be very hard, and she's going to need to buckle down and keep up with everything, and that's where she fell apart this year. I think we're going to need to set up some strategies -- but she's going to have to feel that it's necessary, too.

Okay. Time to go eat!


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