tired, oh so tired, of Texas

2005-07-17 - 8:20 p.m.

Still here in Texas.

I don't think I could live here, although a)that's no big surprise and b)nobody asked me to and c)I'm probably not getting the most balanced view of the place. But it seems crowded and sort of filthy. The pool in the hotel I'm at keeps closing because of the rain, but yesterday I swam in a different hotel pool and it was full of dead ants! Plus you could not see under water because it was so murky.

So I haven't been swimming, which combined with eating out for every meal and spending the entire day (from 10-6:30, really!) sitting in chairs is causing me to feel blimplike and sort of disgusting.

Probably if I could leave the 3 block radius I'm currently hanging out in it would seem less awful. Don't you think?

I haven't really started Harry Potter. I think I don't want to start it because the sooner I start it the sooner it will be over.

Plus -- and this is sort of ridiculous, but have you read any of the fan fiction is written about Harry Potter? I confess I have read enough of it that I'm not entirely certain which things are real and which things are from fan fiction. I think in the books Snape is fairly horrible, but there are enough fan fiction stories about Harry falling in love with Snape (I'm serious!) that I'm not even really sure of that --

I would give you some sites, but it's really too embarassing so I won't. You'll have to look them up yourselves. Here's an article about it. I think there was a better one at Salon (which is how I found out about it in the first place), but it's not there any more --


Anyway -- K.and the girls are home from the beach. N. wanted to go off somewhere with the bad influences tomorrow but I said no. Maddy's got horse camp.

And I have to go write up a few things and then go to sleep, because once again I have to be up very very early tomorrow.



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