2005-07-21 - 11:23 a.m.

I'm stealing back some notes I wrote in sea-change's diary, just so I'll remember them myself.

Harry Potter: Yes, definitely cinematic, especially the first few chapters. Yes, Dumblodore was definitely doomed -- I've been expecting this for books and books. I was surprised about Snape, too, although if you go back and read the first book, it was really hard not to believe then that he was pure evil. I thought it was interesting that Malfoy, apparently, isn't -- I wonder what will come of that. I loved the Felix felicitas potion -- what a great idea, and based, I think, on certain feelings you do have on days you remember as being the best in your life. And it was good to see Harry sort of grown up and acting reasonably, and I thought his relationship with Ginny was portrayed well in that it actually wasn't really shown very much. Unlike the Cho thing, which I found sort of unconvincing, I believe in the Ginny thing. Oh -- the book. I think it may be the sort of mix of good and bad that a person is -- that even Snape is. Without the book, remember, Harry would not have won the Felix potion, and would not have gotten the last memory from Slughorn. Even bad Snape did brew the potion for Lupin to keep him from changing. Also -- interesting that Snape actually invented the mean trick that Harry felt bad about James performing on Snape in the last book. Yes -- sad about another three years!

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