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2005-08-04 - 9:15 a.m.

Okay, so we're leaving very early tomorrow morning -- just Maddy and I.

It's actually pretty nice being here at the moment, but it will be good to get away.

I think that these are the reasons I don't so much want to go.

  • Peter is sick. This is not very noble of me, but I'm just being honest. There's the sickness itself, and then there's my poor mother, who is in a bit of a state. She's not obviously in a state, but I sense that it's there. Ugh. But this is actually why I really should go, soo --
  • Nora's friend E. is coming. It's again not very nice of me, but it's so pleasant when it's just us and I don't have to worry about keeping anyone entertained. Although, honestly, they will probably do a fine job of entertaining themselves. I'm also worried about Maddy being left out. She already kind of is, just by nature and by birth pattern of cousins. But E. is nice, so I'll just have to make sure they include her, and then work on her to let herself be included. Ugh. Or -- find other things for her to do with me. Which will be fine.
  • I feel a little bit badly about leaving K. behind for 2 weeks.
  • When we come back, school will start up right away, which in Nora's case I am not ready for at all.

Other things:

  • Next summer. I hope to send N. off to Spain, and Maddy off to this great science camp near my mom's house. It sounds like a lot of fun, and it's only a week, and it's near my mom and Lynn. I hope I can talk her in to it.
  • Sex and the City.
    • Good points
    • I think it's good that they show that girls actually like and want sex. When I was growing up, I certainly knew this to be true, but there was a bit of the old --Boys like sex more than girls -- stuff hanging around. For all that, say, Charlotte, claims to be following those stupid rules, it's pretty clear that she really likes sex.
    • I also really like that Charlotte, who seems to want to marry this rich society-type guy, in the end realizes she wants to marry this bald and hairy Jew.
    • It often makes me cry -- like when Miranda keeps the baby, or when her mother dies and she yells at the bra saleslady.
    • the bad
    • That Carrie can be a bit neurotic, and her clothing sense is a bit odd.
    • Okay, there's perhaps a bit more sex than you'd really want you 13 year-old to be watching.
    • Although it's good that people are enjoying it.
    • It's also good that we all know they're 35.
    • Where are their families? Does Charlotte not have to tell her parents that she's converting to Judaism? We see the awful Bunny, but where are her parents? Does Miranda's sister not even come to the christening?

That's all I can think off.


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