I was gone and now I'm back

2005-08-24 - 12:27 p.m.

So, I'm back.

I have a few minutes, which is perhaps enough.

It was difficult. My stepfather is getting weaker by the week, and of course, it's hard on everyone. My mother in particular. She's stressed by the physical aspects of everything -- bringing three meals/day up to their room on trays; coordinating so that someone is always there; lifting him, etc. -- plus of course the emotional aspect. Plus she's not getting enough sleep.

So -- that was all going on.

Nora brought a friend for a week, which perhaps was not the best idea. But it went really well, actually, so maybe it was a good thing.

Anyway -- it was one of those years where things are not quite idyllic, but those years do happen, and if they didn't, you wouldn't notice the idyllic ones.

I think I sound fairly callous here -- I'm talking about the effects of Peter's illness on everyone but Peter. He's a funny guy, though -- he's got such good manners that you're not always sure whether he's enjoying your company or wishing you'd go away. Also, it's a pretty uncomfortable thing. It's not like you sit with people talking about death. Even when it's staring you in the face. What must it be like to be sitting up on the porch looking at your last summer? I don't know --

It was very hot and humid a lot, and very foggy a lot, which is pretty unusual. And then there'd be a blazingly beautiful day.

And we weren't there quite as long as usual, which meant that we didn't have the same luxury of time which is one of the things I usually like the best about summer.

And then my mother -- she's completely on the edge. In a way I think mostly what we were doing was distracting her. We went into Boston for a night, which I really thought we ought not to do, but I think she really needed to get away and feel like she was doing a fun thing, so we went.

Anyway. And now we're back, and Maddy actually has two weeks until school starts. We ought to do something this weekend just since summer really isn't over yet and Nora doesn't have school until next Wednesday (she had orientation today.)

And it was nice, once Nora's friend left, to have time for the three of us to hang out (Kevin wasn't there). That was actually very nice.

And yesterday morning, before going to the airport, Nora and I had time to slip off to the open ocean for a swim, and that was great.

And we all read a lot, and I think the kids had a good time. It's funny -- Nora is definitely old enough to be aware of most everything, and Maddy is just not quite.

And it was great to see my oldest niece and nephew. I like them a lot, and she had spent a year at college and it was great to see her. Plus the little kids are growing up, which is kind of startling. Two of the boys will be in kindergarten next year. One seems ready, and one I'm not so sure of. My brother is very very strict with him, with the result, I'm afraid, of making him a little whiny.

Anyway. And we didn't see Kevin's brother's family (the tentacles of my mother made that difficult), but we'll see them at Christmas, and I talked to my sister-in-law. I do like her a lot, and am sorry we don't live closer.

Anyway -- that's the story.

We did go to RI. The waves were fantastic due to Hurricane Eloise (which I guess was down in the Carolinas somewhere).

Okay -- really that's about it.


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