2005-09-01 - 10:53 a.m.

So, I haven't been writing about Katrina, although I've been reading about it, and watching it on TV.

1. Where is the national guard? (duh.)

2. And why was all that money taken away from levee repair? Was that really a good idea?

3. It's going to be 20 years before NO recovers, if that. Oakland is still suffering from the 1989 earthquake.

4. Kevin is worrying about WWOZ's record collection.

5. Have you noticed that the people wading through all that water, trying to get out, are pretty consistently poor and black? Seems like it might have been a good idea to have some kind of plan for getting the people who could not afford to leave out of the city. But then there would have had to have been more money alloted to FEMA, etc, for disaster planning. Hmmm.

Mostly, though, it's pretty heartbreakingly sad.

Kevin said that he read that the Dutch (many of whom are living behind some levee or other themselves) are all stunned at the crappy level of levee maintenance. They can't even believe that such a thing would occur in a modern industrial nation. Well, there you go.

Hopefully all the money saved by inadequate infrastructure maintenance has either been placed in a hole in Iraq and then blown up, been given to Halliburton, or will be used to pay idiots to write textbooks on Intelligent Design. Or spent to send the armed forces and national guards off to Iraq so that we can completely mess up another country, rather than keeping them around here where they might be put to productive use.

Okay. Enough.

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