2005-09-09 - 11:14 a.m.


I'm here, just busy.

We've entered the final round of the "should we renovate or should we move" debate, hopefully to be resolved by the end of next week. As part of it, I met with this great local realtor yesterday. She sells a lot of houses around here, but even better, she grew up in my neighborhood and knows all my neighbors and said my house was "really charming." Plus, I think she liked me, because I also am sort of obsessed by the history of our neighborhood and also I like all the houses and usually go to open houses when they're for sale just to see the inside.

So, anyway, she's going to give us some advice.

Also, I'm going to look at cabinets and lovely tiles today, too.

And also, school has started, and everyone is very very busy and so far, 3 days or a week and a half in, it's going very well. N seems to have turned a corner in all kinds of ways -- she's cheerier and more talkative and she does her homework. It's good -- I think last year may just have been a hard year. She was 15, which I remember as being pretty rough, and at a new and huge school. This year she seems to have a grasp on it. Also, this year we seem to have a grasp on what to worry about and what not to, and last year, I confess, we were worried about everything. I'm sure that helps.

And work -- work is busy, too. Summer is over, I'm done with something that took up huge amounts of my time, and I have a couple interesting new projects that I'd like to really get to work on.

It must be fall, don't you think?

And we're going to MA on Friday, returning Sunday. Can't really stay longer -- although perhaps I can, although the kids and Kevin really can't. I noticed that a certain really annoying relative (plus wife) is going to be there for a week. My poor mother -- I'm sure that's the last thing she needs. Maybe someone will tell them that's not such a great idea.


Now I must go.

Confidential to harri3tspy, I'll do it! I just have to think about it --

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