Bad friend O.

2005-09-13 - 10:43 a.m.

No decision yet, although there seem to be possibilties.

Nora had two friends over last night. I really don't like one of them. I realized, while thinking about how irritated I was, that I don't like her because Nora is awful when around her. Which is a sure sign that Nora is not altogether sure of herself around her, and thus can't behave like her normal self. One more reason for me not to like this friend -- she styles herself as very sophisticated, but in fact, according to my practiced opinion, is pretty insecure due to the fact that her parents are nuts. She's the sort who has facile opinions about everything, and you think -- what a cultured kid! -- except she doesn't actually like to read, which is, in my opinion, a sure sign (at least in her case) of a person who hasn't really actually thought about anything, but has instead just adopted a bunch of opinions she perceives to be cool.

See how quick and decisive I am! I'm showing my age. As an old and decaying person I'm allowed to make snap judgements, because I've seen a lot in my years, and believe me, I've seen this type before.

Also -- I told Nora that she and her friends had to clean up the kitchen after dinner, and neither one of them helped her. Very bad -- a true friend would have.

I'm hoping this friend will go away. In the meantime, I think I will tell Nora that I don't appreciate being snapped at, but I think I'll cut her a little slack in the hope that my not saying anything about O. will be more likely to allow N. to discover on her own what a pest she is. I DO not like her.

Also -- my head hurts.


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