Things I am worrying about ...

2005-09-15 - 10:38 a.m.

Here. I'm adding another entry to make up for the one I didn't write yesterday.

The thing is -- I've got a million things to do, and not a whole lot of time.


It's good to have a million things to do, though.

We're going to MA tomorrow, and coming back on Sunday. (I have to call my neighbor --) My mother wants me to stay longer, but I really just can't. I feel quite bad about it, but also sort of oppressed. Is thus terrible of me? Her sister will be there. (I also don't really like her -- she's a pest.) My two sisters have been with her. I guess I'll check the flights and see if I can return on Monday. I just can't see staying longer, though. School has just started, etc. etc. etc.


I'm also feeling oppressed because I agreed to go visit Kevin's mother for a few days in Oct., and then she's coming back with me, and Kevin's flipping out about me going away, and I really did want to go camping, and there's this whole house renovate-or-move thing. I'm feeling like too many people are wanting too many things from me.

Okay -- 47,000 things to worry about. Here I go --


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