status quo

2005-09-21 - 8:55 a.m.

So --

Now I am back, and feeling like I am a bit settled.

I really do think we are going to sell our house, which means we need to clean it up, get rid of stuff, build a fence, landscape -- I'm actually sort of looking forward to it. Paint --

Nora does seem settled at school. And cheerful. And talkative. Those are all good things. Whew.

Math is easy, she says. History is sort of not even worth talking about. English seems intriguing -- her teacher lives all week at the zen center and then on the weekends goes to Carmel to see his family. Parents? Children? I don't know -- Anyway. All her classes link up, she sats. The stuff from Math is used in Chemistry (which is very very hard, she says, but at least she has the real guy, and not one of his minions). In History they are learning about Greek and Roman history, which they are also reading about in Latin. In English they are reading Sophie's World, which is about the history of Philosophy, which they are also learning about in History and Latin. The only break is Photography, which she also likes a lot.

The fact that I have even heard all this information is something new.

I actually haven't heard all that much from Maddy, but she seems to be okay, too. Her new piano teacher seems fine -- good, even. She was very worried about memorizing stuff for a social studies test and then it was fine -- easy, even. I think she's actually sort of a good influence on Nora because she visibly studies, and then does well. Nora's more of the school that you should just kind of learn by osmosis or something -- which works sometimes, but not always.

Anyway --

And it seems to be fall, all right. It's chilly in the mornings, and even rained yesterday.

I've got my ticket to go to Pittsburgh to see K's mother in a month. Actually, I think it will be nice.

Ho hum.

Okay -- got to go.

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